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It is published by Electronic Arts. It is the tenth installment in the Need for Speed series and a sequel to Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Carbon — Own the City , set in a fictional city named Coast City with a different storyline and also featuring different AI teammate abilities. ProStreet in the following year. The gameplay of Need for Speed: Carbon is similar to its predecessors, Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Underground 2 , but based upon rival street racing crews instead of individuals.

Players run a crew and can hire specific street racers to be in their crew and the active friendly racer is known as a wingman. Each employable street racer has two skills, a racing skill scout, blocker, and drafter and a non-race skill fixer, mechanic, and fabricator. Cars driven by the wingmen are also different; blockers drive muscle, drafters drive exotics and scouts drive tuners although the first two unlockable wingmen Neville and Sal drive cars according to the player's chosen car class at the start of the game. Players must choose a class when starting Career Mode, which will be permanent throughout the career.

Each choice starts in a different district, with corresponding initial car choices and unlocks as the game progresses there is a test drive option at the beginning. Players may ultimately choose from any class of car, and can also unlock cars that are reserved for Quick Races as they earn Reward Cards. It is necessary for players to plan carefully which cars they will buy and upgrade, to avoid running out of money. There are phone calls, texts and emails to go along with the storyline.

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Winning races causes new races to show up on the map. All gameplay takes place at night.

NFS Carbon on Windows 10

As in Most Wanted the player can use Nitrous Oxide and Speedbreaker, which accumulate simply from driving, not from specific skill use to earn them. Gameplay control methods vary from console to console.

In PlayStation 3 and Xbox versions, control steering through the control pad, while acceleration, braking and other controls can be configured and mapped to the different buttons on the controllers. The Driving Force GT and G27 racing wheels can be used, and this is the first Need for Speed title to implement force-feedback and the degree turning radius. In Windows version, joysticks and wheel controllers are supported, as well as those that support force feedback.

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Wii version lacks online play, but fully supports the use of the Wii Remote. Carbon was the first Need for Speed title to feature online exclusive game modes. Players can upload in-game screenshots to the Need for Speed website, complete with stats and modifications. The Pursuit Knockout and Pursuit Tag game modes are modes that allow the player to play as either a racer or a cop.

Pursuit Knockout is essentially a lap knockout with a twist. The racers that are knocked out of the race come back as cops and it's their job to try to stop the other racers from finishing the race through any means necessary. The player that finishes the race wins. Pursuit Tag begins with one player as a racer and the rest of the players as cops. It is the cops' job to arrest the racer.

The cop that makes the arrest then turns into a racer and has to try to avoid the cops. The player who spends the most time as a racer wins. Unlike Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Underground , Carbon has no drag racing. However, Carbon features the return of drift racing, a mode that had been included in two previous installments Need for Speed: Underground and Underground 2 , but omitted from Carbon ' s predecessor, Most Wanted.

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Other familiar race forms return, such as Sprint, Circuit, and "Tollbooth" renamed "Checkpoint". There are no Street X or Knockout races, and winning Outruns renamed "Rival Crew Challenges" is not necessary to complete the game as it was in Underground 2. There are four types of Canyon Events: Canyon Duels have two stages: In the first stage, the player chases the rival and accumulates points faster the closer they stick to the opponent. In the second stage, the roles are reversed and the player's points decline faster the closer the opponent is.

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If anyone falls behind or is overtaken and passed, without regaining the distance, after ten seconds they lose. Players can also lose by going off the cliff edge. Some races have destructible, lit-up guardrails players must be careful not to crash through, and some have solid walls. The Canyon Drift and Canyon Duel race modes are based on the final race taking place at a touge , featured in the film The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift. In Career mode, players have to win races throughout the city to conquer territories, and then face off against bosses to conquer the first three boroughs.

To challenge Darius Boss of the fourth borough and win the game, players must defeat the three Bosses in two final races and defeat Darius in a Circuit race and a Canyon Duel. The player can then either accept the challenge, and keep the race if they win it, or decline, in which case, the minor crew will automatically retake the race, and the territory if too many races are lost. Carbon also features Quick Races modes including 2 players and Reward Cards, in which card pieces are won by achievements in and out of Career Mode.

Once a card is fully won, new cars, parts, or other features are unlocked. The Challenge Series is a set of 36 events 12 categories with 3 difficulty levels. Finishing a Challenge category also unlocks features. As with Most Wanted , police is a key mechanic in Carbon. Police chases can break out at any time, including when in Free Roam mode, when racing, or just after a race is completed. The background music and most of the radio dialogue is the same as in Most Wanted.

Canyon Races and Checkpoint Races have no risk of police pursuit. The Collector's Edition features three additional heat levels. Although the pursuit system is similar to Most Wanted , this feature has been reprogrammed in Carbon to ensure that police are not too dominant in arrest tactics in high pursuit levels. Unlike in Most Wanted , it is possible to evade the police after running over a spike strip by using nitrous. At the same time, some of the police tactics such as the spike strips are used in ways that make pursuits much harder to escape, and the police cars are much harder to disable.

However, police can be seen patrolling the map and won't engage in a pursuit—unless the players have a warrant evaded a previous pursuit or committed an offence in sight of the police. Players can also have multiple customized vinyls as well, which can be moved, resized, or skewed, which offers unlimited design possibilities, The layering system of vinyls returns after having absence in Most Wanted.

Autosculpt was also used in Need For Speed: Prostreet, though it played a large role in aerodynamic capabilities of the car. Performance tuning has been redone so that players, as upgrades are purchased, can tune the car for a number of different properties, such as higher top speed or higher acceleration. A new "optimize" feature has been added for players who just want the best options without spending too much time tuning and configuring.

Players can choose from many licensed cars divided into three classes as follows: Tuners, Muscles, and Exotics. Each car has its own characteristic ranging from easy cornering to well-balanced road performance. For example, Tuners are good in handling and tight corners, Exotics have high top speeds, and Muscles can accelerate fast in a short amount of time. For portables, the Own the City version has many differences.

There are new game modes, like Escape where the player must escape from a rival crew's territory, Delivery where the players and their crew have to deliver a package to a designated area in first place to win, and Crew Takedown, where players have to eliminate a set number of rival racers to win. Crew management allows hiring of up to 5 wingmen per crew, with 2 active for racing.

The city is also divided into many areas, some together into a district owned by one crew, with a total of 6 districts and 13 areas. Every area conquered gives new unlocks and new wingmen. Wingmen also have three different classes; a brawler that takes down racers, a drafter that drafts racers to give speed boosts, and assassins that deliver spike strips the player needs to avoid that can blow a car's tires, aimed for enemy cars.

Own the City also allows free roaming with crates scattered throughout the whole city that when broken, give special unlocks ranging from cash to game art. Police chases are only available in free roam, and are not available in races.

The game is set in the fictional city of Palmont with the exception of NFS: Own The City. There are three major canyons in Palmont: East, West, and Carbon Canyon. The southwestern border of the city features a sea coast.