Halo reach mac cannon glitch

Crysis 2 Ceph Pack.

Ceph from Crysis 2. Includes grunt, grunt leader, stalker, stalker leader, stalker guardian, heavy, pinger, tick, gunships, and dropship with pod. Features: Finger posing Bodygrouped damaged parts chest for grunts, chest and back for heavy, core Star Wars Terror Trooper. Created by Lillwasa. Created by KraiKKonen I didn't make this models.

They were made by Ninja Nub.

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I just converted them into playermodels. You need to run GMOD in admin mode, if not, you will have player selection icons bug. Created by TrueBobert. Well im back, took a bit of a break off life Honestly I only made Miranda because i watched Chuck for the 4th or 5th time over my little break And well Yvonne Strahovski So yeah But seriously done expect much Mass Effect stuff, busy enough as it is Force Awakens Transport Ship Prop. Created by Benigane. It's the assault lander that can be seen in the movie on Jakku You are officer corps material. Your duty is to the First Order above everything.

Nothing else comes before that. It is ahead. Star Wars is an incredible series, and I plan to add more Star Wars models in the future, inclu. Created by A-Crow. Created by Dusty. Captain Phasma from the new Force Awakens movie. Created by Voikanaa. UT3 Equipment Pack. Created by Eschaton Monk. Made by Squiddy from Facepunch. Faraleth Gen Mo'Kai.

Halo 4 - NEW Vehicle: Piloting the Mac Cannon Glitch

Just imagine some intergalactic police officer or assassin or something. She's a gen mo'kai someone made for Unreal Tournament 3. Of course I take no credit for the model; I only rigged it and added stuff and whatnot. I don't have enough Unreal Tourname Unreal Tournament 3 - Krall. Created by SquiddyTreat! Face and finger-posing! Ragdolled mouth and cloth! An additional, semi-custom head!

Joint Tool compat Created by MARK Necris male and female from the game Unreal Tournament 4 pre-alpha. Created by upset. Happy New Year!

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Republic Commando Trandoshans. All three have finger posing. All three have glowmaps so parts of them nicely glow in the dark. The Slavers jaw Created by The Devils Own. These models belong to Ninja Nub. And I have his full rights to upload these to Workshop. I am soley uploading them for the people to enjoy these nice models.

All the credit goes to Ninja Nub. Metal Gear Rising Raidens. Zer0 Assassin from the game Borderlands 2. Player model, npc and ragdoll.


There are 2 skins. The first to be painted in a different color. Second painted standard colors of the game. Splinter Cell Spy and Merc. In the never ending battle against spies and mercenaries Mercs game mode, these two models come with full finger posing, playermodels, and viewarms. Credits go to Ubiso Mass Effect: Cerberus Extras. This pack is a collection of all of the Cerberus characters from Mass Effect 3 that have been missed out from other packs or added to the game since they were released.

Contains the Centurion, Dragoon, and Rampart Mech as Created by spartanmark6.

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It is only a prop and I don't think that it could be a swep anytime soon, but if someone does make it a swep, please give proper credit. It has both open and closed bodygroups so you can XCOM Aliens. Created by Kenny. Basically all the XCOM aliens except the robotic ones, the ethereals, and the thinmen, they all have nicely posable physics, and most of them have full fingerposing and toe posing.

The cryssalid's jaw mandibles move with the pinky finger on it's fingerpos Star Wars Weapons. Created by Merry Dr. As you know, for a long time there were o Resistance 2: Hybrids.

A Monument to All Your Sins Achievement in Halo: Reach

You get: The two hybrid models Luxox posted a while back. No guns yet, but if they come I'll port them. Regarding the models we did get, I added physical variety, bodygroups, and skingroups. Various Critters. Created by Sandslash. A dog from mars war logs, dak sector, the mutant cat from clear sky as well as a bog standard goat. If I ever port any more random animals, I'll probably throw them in here Added a picture Created by The Mask. FEAR 2 models: weapons. All of the weapon models from F. Except the 2 weapon variations and the knife that were cut from the final game of course.

Still looking for those three. These are NOT sweps. If someone wishes to make sweps out of these contact Starcraft II Terran Battlecruiser.

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It's just a prop so nothing moves. I did not create this model. It is from Blizzards Starcraft II! Enjoy their cool space ship! Misc Humanoid Critters.