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The file sizes of the created cross stitch charts are much smaller compared to other software.


CONS: The color scheme is slightly misbalanced towards the red side of the color spectrum. Pin It. July 19, Cross Stitch Pattern Software: How to Choose There are several criteria to consider when selecting a cross stitch pattern software. Do you want to create custom designs from scratch?

Or do you want an included library of designs to choose from? Download and Start , or study the instructions and training videos till your eyes cross? What types of files will you use? Do you want compatibility with other software?

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Stitch Fiddle | Free online knitting and cross stitch stitch chart pattern editor software

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MacStitch/WinStitch cross stitch software pattern export demo

I've been thinking a lot lately about counted cross stitch. This is the medium I cut my design teeth in, and over the last week or so I've had contact with my old work mates , which led to a bit of nostalgia. Nowadays, I don't have any computer software to design cross stitch on, although it can be done quite easily just with graph paper and some coloured pencils, that's how my first few designs back in were completed. But it's slow doing it that way, the design software we had was a revelation and sped the whole process up and opened up creativity, here's one of mine, and another , and another , there are many more I would not even admit too!

Back then, I worked on a PC, and there were 2 main design packages used within the industry. Stitchcraft , which is what we used and Ilsoft which, it seemed at the time, the rest of the world was using, although I don't know why because I personally found Stitchcraft to be the much better system.

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It just seemed to make more sense as a design program. But these are both PC based. I now work on a Mac. It seems there is a bit of a shortage of design software for counted cross stitch which is Mac compatible. Now, I know you can use Photoshop to simulate cross stitch, basically scanning an image and altering the resolution so each pixel is one stitch and adding a grid, but I want to design from scratch rather than digitalise an existing design. Finally I did find some Mac based software and spent a day fiddling around with demo versions, so here are my reviews of three Nice layout, reminiscent of Photoshop as it has navigation boxes on the left, layers, magic wand tool etc.

You need to watch the videos on the website to understand what the toolboxes at the top of the screen do. Does all the basics, symbolised chart, gives a rough guide to how much thread would be needed. It did seem to work best when scanning in a photo and turning it into a cross stitch design. The image can then be easily edited colours, size of chart, aida count etc although I could not find how to add backstitch, and it did not seem to cater for half stitches, french knots or any additional embellishment. In short, great for converting photos or any other image you want into cross stitch, but limited if designing from scratch.

Didn't do everything I would need it to do as a designer. This does more, and I would advise to go down the gold version route as that has additional plug-ins which offer most of the adaptability eg, beadwork, tapestry design, DMC shade numbers, although again, it's just DMC, no Anchor.

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  7. The cross stitch design element is limited as again, I couldn't find how to add any backstitch, but this program does cater for knitting, crochet, long stitch, hardanger and as mentioned above, tapestry and bead weaving, so is a very versatile pattern design system. It claims to do weaving too, although looking at the example, and given I have a BA Honours Degree in Weaving showing off moment , what I saw didn't particularly resemble weaving as I know it.

    Best Pcstitch Software For Mac

    For the artistically challenged, you can import scanned photos or clipart, and have the program turn them into ready-to-stitch designs in minutes, at just the right size. The printouts are clear and easy to read, especially when you choose to print at the larger symbol sizes. No need run down to the print shop to get the chart enlarged when you can print it yourself! On the site we have downloadable demo versions, sample charts, technical support for registered users, and more.

    Click one of the icons below for more information on our Mac or Windows cross stitch software:. StitchGraph Our new software for laying out Stitch Diagrams, Hardanger work, and other designs that need to state the sequence of stitching. Cookies: Ursa Software does not use cookies to record or track information from this site. Welcome to the Ursa Software web site.

    Our apologies for this long and rambling section of text, most of it is here so that our software for cross stitch or X-Stitch is listed on the search engines. Our cross stitch software is used to design your own cross stitch, tapestry, bargello, or knitting designs. You can use clip art , digital photos, or scanned photographs to convert into cross stitch patterns.